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In fast-paced Singapore, many parents are busy and have competing demands for their time. However, ensuring their children are well cared for and supervised after school hours is a top priority for them
If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider student care services for your children while you are at work.
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A Centre that has the Needs of Families in Mind
Alphajoy Student Care Centre was started in 2008 to better serve the child care needs of primary school students and their families. Our Centres are located within the primary school premises and we strive to give parents peace of mind, knowing their children are cared for in a safe environment and guided in their studies after school hours.
By offering quality student care service in a school environment, we benefit you and your children in the following ways:
1. Safe environment
  The school is a safe environment for children to study and play in, as strangers are not able to enter the premises easily. In addition, your children are not exposed to the dangers of traffic as they do not need to leave the school premises to go to the student care centre.
2. Convenience
  There is added convenience for your family. Your children do not need to travel to and from school to attend CCAs and remedial classes. As a result, they will not be tired out from the travelling and can have more time for study, play or rest. For parents, you save time and effort as you do not need to make additional transport arrangements or coordinate your child's after-school schedule.
3. Savings
  There are significant cost savings for your family as there is no need for additional transport arrangements to a student care centre located outside the school. In addition, there is no registration fee required and no hidden charges to pay at Alphajoy. These savings can be better spent on your child's other needs.
Our Fundamental Beliefs
We believe that each child is important, and can be nurtured into a responsible and mature young person-responsible for self and to others. So we encourage all our children to put in their best effort in everything they do, and to be kind and respectful to themselves and their friends.
While we inculcate such positive values when the children are with us at Alphajoy, we strongly encourage parents to be actively involved in their child's life as it is paramount to the child's growth.
The diagram below illustrates our belief, with the relationship between parent and child being the most important relationship of all.
Our Caring and Competent Teachers
Our teachers are committed and dedicated. They enjoy working with children and genuinely care for their well-being. We take great care in selecting our teachers, who have to go through an interview, a written test and a trial, before being accepted as a staff member.
Life at Alphajoy

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